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Fall Rush 2017

Alpha Kappa Psi is excited to host another semester of Rush for the Fall 2017 semester! We have many great events planned for this semester and we hope that you are able to come and check us out! Click below to see our Spring Rush 2017 details. Fall 2017 details coming soon!

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Campus Involvement

Stay tuned for this semester's campus events.

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Professional Events

Stay tuned for dates and information on upcoming Professional Events this semester.

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About Us

Omicron Tau

The Omicron Tau Chapter at Rutgers University, established in 1998, has achieved prestigious recognition within the university and Alpha Kappa Psi nationwide. We are a group of business-minded people whose main goal is to become successful leaders in our communities. We welcome all majors, with our chapter being composed of Economics, Engineering, English, Art History, Computer Science, and Political Science majors - not to mention RBS Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain, Marketing, Management, and BAIT majors.

Our chapter has a dual focus: professionalism and brotherhood. The main focus of our pledging process is to shape you into a hard-working, motivated, goal-achieving, professional individual; teaching you how to dress, public speak, write a well-rounded resume, and interview like a pro is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to developing professionalism, lifelong brotherhood is just as important to us. Our close-knit Chapter brings together people from all walks of life to create a family. From our annual camping retreats, to our involvement in Dance Marathon, to 2:00 AM NYC trips, we can promise you that the one thing you will surely gain is brotherhood.


Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity, recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Established in 1904 at New York University, we have since expanded to over 228,000 initiated members world-wide and have chartered at more than 300 campuses in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Core Values

Brotherhood - Trust, respect, cooperation, companionship and aid to brothers is the expected norm

Knowledge - Education and experience, whether gained in the classroom or the workplace, is emphasized and shared

Integrity - All actions, whether in business or in life, are guided by honesty, ethics and fairness

Service - Sharing of time, talent and treasure with society and with our fraternity is a priority

Unity - A common understanding of our vision and values that transcends chapter, generation and profession is utilized to anticipate and create the future