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Requirements for Pledging

– Full-time undergraduate student at Rutgers –

– Minimum 2.7 GPA –

– At least a 2nd Semester freshman –

Brother Requirements

– Community service hours –

– Professional event attendance –

– Recruiting new potential members –

– Academic achievement –

Hazing Policy

The Greek community believes that true brotherhood and sisterhood is nurtured in an atmosphere of social and moral responsibility, respect for duly constituted authority, and commitment to the objectives of higher education. Furthermore, students engaging in hazing activities may subject themselves to criminal penalties. Therefore, a fraternity or sorority program which includes hazing is contrary and detrimental to the purpose of the University, the education and personal development of its students, and thus, has no place within the University and Greek community.

Alcohol Policy

The Alpha Kappa Psi Omicron Tau Chapter has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol use while pledging. The pledging process is completely dry, meaning that no pledge shall consume alcohol or have alcohol present on the premises of pledge meetings, events, or activities.

Recruitment Contact

Jean Lee


What is rush?

Rush is a two week long process that involves both professional and social events. Our rush process involves networking with Brothers and getting to know rushes, as well as helping you develop your professional skills. Although rush is a two week long process, second week events are invite only and are contingent on first week attendance.

Who can rush?

Rush is open to all majors and years! Our brotherhood is composed of different majors ranging from business to sciences. Although you cannot pledge unless you are at least a second semester freshman, rush is a great opportunity to meet new people and get a head start on your professional career.

The minimum GPA to pledge for our chapter is a 2.7 and all rushes must sign up at to be considered for a bid.

Do I have to pay to rush?

Not at all! Rush is a free process and you are not obligated to come back the next day. All food and beverages provided at rush are compliments of the brotherhood. If you do receive a bid, however, the new member fees will be $250 over 4 separate payments.

How do I get a bid?

There is no exact criteria needed to receive a bid. Our best suggestion for you is to be yourself and to come out to as many events as possible.

What if I don't get a bid?

Please do not be discouraged if you do not receive a bid the first time you rush. There have been multiple Brothers in the past that have rushed 2-3 times before receiving a bid. We encourage you to come out and rush again next semester if you do not receive a bid the first time.

I can't make it to one of the events but am really interested in rushing. What should I do?

We encourage all rushes to come to as many events and network with as many Brothers as possible. If something has come up and you cannot make it, feel free to email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you at our Spring 2019 rush!